Berlin / by Aaron Levi Simic

Xuan and I love to travel and have had the itch to travel together for awhile. We're both major bargain hunters and knew we would be ideal travel partners. We were planning on going to Annie Mac's festival Lost and Found in Malta but the price nearly tripled as we didn't book it early enough! I love visiting cities around Europe as they are so enriched with culture and history and Berlin was one of the 'main' cities I had yet to visit. 

Berlin lived up to all of my expectations, we had a great couple of days with good (and cheap!) food, shopping, and enjoying the sun as a tourist. Every time someone asked why I was going away or what I planned to, I jokingly 

Berlin has a very organic art community that doesn't have the same constraints of commerce that artists face in other cities. 

We were really lucky whilst visiting the Reichstag as we timed it during sunset. We were bathed in a magical twilight, which was perfect for the thousands of selfies we took! I definitely recommend visiting the dome on top of the Reichstag, it's an amazing piece of architecture designed by Norman Foster. Due to Berlin's murky history and the politics in World War One and Two,