Collateral Damage Poem / by Aaron Levi Simic

My project Collateral Damage is a work in progress. It's a personal project that is very close to my heart. I've written a poetry to go alongside my photos, I think it gives the work another dimension and clearer context. I wanted my poem to explore the idea of love as a battleground and my attempt to find a 'knight in shining armour' even though I've been hurt so much in the past. Here it is: 


I live in a no man's land, 

haunted by my past lovers;  

Their whispers, their distant touch  

were they my failures?  

Temporary solace can be found  

with anonymous visits.  

But I stalk the scarred landscape  

for a glint of you, my saviour.  

A love so deep,  

it has the ability to destroy me.  

My secrets, sacrificed  

and forged into bullets.  

I will be your collateral damage.