Day Trip To Brighton / by Aaron Levi Simic

Living in London for 7 years exposed me to some of my greatest experiences and gave me the opportunity to explore my identity as a young gay man free from my parents' disapproval. Although I was a late bloomer onto the gay scene due to my shyness and insecurities and I still haven't connected to the gay community as much as I could have. If you take away my love of Beyonce and RuPaul's drag race, I'm not the best gay. My first Pride celebration was 2015 because I was always travelling or working whenever it happen in the past! I'm far from ignorant about the gay community and have a great understanding of our history and the oppressions we still face. I'm only starting to experience some of the rites of passage that comes the territory. . Although those who have been  it was great to have the freedom who you are 

But I can finally tick off travelling to Britain's gay Mecca: Brighton. Ok, 'gay Mecca' may be an overreach but where can we earn our rainbow stripes? Heaven? GAY Late? Canal Street in Manchester? Brighton has been recommended as a must-visit by almost everyone I know and I can see why it comes so highly recommended. There's such a charmed and relaxed attitude that

Ben and I initially planned a weekend away with his two pugs but Gladys fell ill before our trip. Luckily it wasn't the suspected stroke the vets thought it was and she is back to her usual, excitable self! As it's only a short drive from London, we drove down early and enjoyed a day trip instead of long weekend. 

 Gladys - does my bum look big in this? 

Gladys - does my bum look big in this? 

British seaside towns are a Victorian invention and the gaudy, brightly-coloured backdrops were meant to be a stark contrast to the grey, industrial city life. It was escapism in the Victorian society and can still serve that in modern day society - who doesn't love swapping the hustle of Leicester Square for chips in front of a sea view? There is a run-down charm to British seaside towns with their once-upon-a-time grand hotels, rusted structures from years of battling harsh winds and abandoned pre-loved tourist attractions.